Interesting Facts About Apple Mobile Phones

Apple has released its first Iphone In 2007. They sold 1st Iphone In America Only

The 1st Iphone has features Mail, Camera, Safari Browser, Youtube only. It 3.5 inch screen only. Apple sold total 6 lacs of their 1st Iphone.

There is no Copy Paste Option in the starting phones. Thye itroduced these option from 2009 Iphone OS 3 version

The First Iphone doesn't have Video Recording Option also. Now The Latest Verions of Iphones comes with 4K video recording.

In the Iphone ads you will see 9.41 AM on screen. Because the 1st Iphone released at 9.41 AM, 29th June 2007 by Steve Jobs.

Apple generates 60% of Its Income From IPhone only. In the worlds/'s Smart Phone Market, Apple has 20% market share.But comes to the profit share it is 80%

Apple conducts events to launch its new products in the month of September 1st or 2nd Tue day or Thurs day evry year

Apple inveted all the features having in the latest smart phone like Finger Print ID, Face ID, Payment Features.